KOCsys- Key Operating Consultancy Services and Systems are mainly focusing on information services activities. KOCsys has also the potential to create all kinds of ecosystems on a sectoral basis which requires digital transformation.

KOCsys has over 20 years of experience in the fields of information technologies, electronics and software in both academic and industrial fields and aims to provide innovative products, systems and services within the framework of information, ethics and moral values ​​in many sectors.

KOCsys, which started its business life in İzmir, is moving forward with the steps to become a world-class company by aiming to reach the customers with the products, systems and services that will make life easier.

In general, KOCsys strives to realize the required R & D activities in line with the requirements of our customers.

KOCsys also provides technical consultancy, training, laboratory installation and application support in the fields of activity. \lsdlocked0