As KOCsys, we provide consultancy services in order to enable companies to take place in the world and throughout the country and to ensure their sustainability.

Project Support Consultancy

As KOCsys, we provide consultancy services both on project preparation, application and sustainability of projects in national (TUBITAK, TUBITAK-TEYDEP, KOSGEP, Ministry of Industry) and international (Horizon 2020, other supports within the scope of the European Union, NATO) supported projects.

As KOCsys, our main objective is to provide these supports to companies operating in our country and to enable them to participate more effectively in global competition.

TUBITAK-TEYDEP supports, which can be shown as the most comprehensive of the national supports, consist of the programs given below. Considering the needs of our customers, it is determined by our expert team which programs can be more suitable for their companies.


R&D and Design Center Consultancy

R & D and related innovation studies are among the indispensable elements of global competition. With these efforts made by our companies, it is aimed to create high-tech products that will create added value for the country’s economy and increase our competitiveness in the global market.

In this context, Law No. 5746 on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities has been published by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in order to support and encourage R&D / Design personnel (qualified labor force) and R&D/ Design activities into the country. It is aimed to produce technological knowledge, to improve product quality and standard, to increase efficiency, to reduce the production costs and to speed up the entry of foreign direct investments in R&D activities.

As KOCsys, we provide consultancy services with our experienced team at every stage of the installation, configuration and execution of R & D / Design Centers involved in the emergence of innovative works.

As KOCsys, we provide consultancy services with our experienced team at every stage of the installation, configuration and execution of R & D / Design Centers involved in the emergence of innovative works.

Consultancy for Thematic Issues

Our company provides consultancy services on the installation and sustainability of intelligent systems in order to increase energy efficiency and improve autonomous services with the rapid development of technology.

We offer comprehensive consultancy services on the design, installation and sustainability of the laboratories including different thematic subjects in private, public and R&D centers.

In addition, KOCsys expert team has been carrying out extensive consultancy services on design, installation, operation and processes related to renewable energy systems, especially solar and wind energies, which are becoming more and more important in our country in recent years.

Semiconductor Technologies / Product Development

Our expert team, who has both academic and industrial experience in semiconductor technologies, provides comprehensive consultancy services including training in the following topics.

  • Basic clean room use,
  • Microfabrication processes,
    • Photolithography: Mask alignment, photoresists and techniques,
    • PVD: Thermal evaporation, e-beam evaporation, sputtering techniques
    • RIE and other etching techniques,
    • Chip integration and mechanical processes, cutting, grinding and polishing,
  • Opto-electronic device
    • LED
    • Lasers
    • Solar cell (photovoltaics)
    • Thin-film transistor
    • Photodetectors

As KOCsys, we strive to support our customers in the fields of education, design, analysis, laboratory and investment in critical and advanced technology issues that are of extremely important for our country in the global competition.

  • Organic Semiconductor Technologies
  • Foldable Technologies
  • Wearable Technologies
  • OLED Display Technologies
  • Medical Technologies

Composite materials – design, analysis and optimization

As KOCsys, we provide consulting services on the following topics.

  • Advanced composite materials and manufacturing processes
  • Specialized design for composite materials
  • Composite and sandwich structure design and optimization
  • Material, Process and Problem-Specific Training