KOCsys aims to present its laboratory facilities in the high technology Research and Application Centers operating in the Aegean region to the service of its customers. These centers have advanced technology applications, nano-biotechnology, nano-electronics, micro-nano-electromechanical systems and nano-engineering research. These laboratories are working in cooperation with KOCsys in R & D projects especially where thin film coating, production / characterization of electronic / optoelectronic devices and other analysis methods are applied.

With more than 20 years of experience in the above mentioned fields, KOCsys aims to provide its customers with the right services in 4 main areas.

  • Analysis: We analyze the problems ( Needs) in the fastest anD detailed way by using different engineering tools to achieve the right result.
  • Testing / Calibration: We provide the necessary infrastructure and laboratory facilities to test and calibrate your customers’ equipment and devices.
  • Measurement: We work in cooperation with our business partners to realize their measurements in different areas that our customers need.
  • Reporting: We aim to establish a written culture (library) by preparing comprehensive reports for the traceability and sustainability of each step of these studies.