Let’s manage the Google ads of your webpages together.

In KOCsys design team, we provide professional services in internet advertising (Google Adwords, Banner, Banner Adwords, Business, Maps), SEO (search engine optimization) and social media advertising.

We are preparing the most appropriate advertising plans in all respects by doing target audience analysis. In this context, we perform customer analysis by working on your keywords. Thus, we aim to create the most appropriate advertising for you both in terms of budget and efficiency.

Google SEO

Don’t lose your place on the first page of Google search results. As KOCsys, we aim to ensure that our customers are always at the forefront of Google searches.

Google SEO is a search engine optimization. Google dynamically crawls your website periodically over various parameters. Depending on the results of these scans, your locations may vary. In order to avoid falling back in the search results, things to do are within the scope of SEO. The correct entry of keywords for your web page, updating the information on your page, the links on your page and the correct and target-oriented steps can be counted in these SEO activities.

Social Media Ads

Let’s increase your company’s visibility on social media. Especially in social media, brand creation and ensuring its traceability means that our customers reach too many people in a very short time. With the KOCsys design team; you can create especially Facebook and Instagram ads to suit your needs. So you can reach your desired results in a very short time with  the availability of your company at any time.