As KOCsys software team, it is necessary to provide complete software/integration solutions in order to increase the productivity of its customers, to organize their business/ workflow, to perform the analysis, to store data, to regulate and report the logistics flow.

KOCsys aims to provide the right solutions by considering the needs of its customers in 4 main categories with its dynamic team specialized in different engineering and basic sciences.

Design: We prepare innovative designs that best suit the needs of your customers.

Programming: We prepare programming (coding) in the fastest and most effective way using the appropriate languages according to the needs of your customers.

Development: We aim to develop unique applications that our customers can run in different environments.

Integration: We provide appropriate software & system integration solutions to enable companies and businesses more efficiently.

We perform software design, programming, development and system integration solutions such as remote control systems, laboratory monitoring systems, training sets, simulations and applications.

Mobile Application Development

Bring your dream to life as a mobile application.

In recent years, the use of mobile applications has also become widespread with the rapid increase of smartphones and tablets. In this direction, as KOCsys software team, we provide mobile application design / development services for transferring the requests of our customers to mobile environments. In this way, we aim to ensure that our customers are actively involved in every moment of life. 3

Why You Should Choose Us:

Innovative Designs: We prepare innovative designs that best suit the needs of your customers.

Quick Rapport: We prepare your websites in the fastest way and integrate them into digital media.

Unique Ideas: We help you to create novel ideas to promote your company and your products.

Smart Solutions: We provide smart solutions to prepare your company and business for the future and ensure their applicability. “